This is my life.

The weekend was fun.  Friday night, I went to ADE and had some fun with the girls!  It was a traditional “frat” party, complete with booze and a stripping contest for the ladies.  I opted to sit in the other room. As did the rest of the group I was with.  It was just a really fun party because we all got to have a little fun, and we had the ADEs to bring us home. 

Saturday, I saw Phantom of the Opera again.  It is amazing.  And I’m going to contest Katie’s prior claim that “Point of No Return is the sexiest song ever…” and say that “Music of the Night” is.  Sorry Katie   Then I went to Rosarios with Gregorio, DK, Katie, Tiffany, and Sarah G.  It was good and we got to hear Gregorio say some really disturbing things.  And he shot some salsa which was fun.  Then I saw Garden State which was a really, REALLY good movie.

Sunday, I studied. 

But tonight, it’s APO and my first trip to SCB.  As a witness, mind you.  Talk to you all later!


2 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope you enjoyed your visit

  2. Isis7070 says:

    gregorio?  please.  glad ade was fun, we have a pimps and ho s party tomorrow night.  i’m interested to see how that will go, anyways good luck with scb.  byebyes!

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