Dreaming while awake.

Let’s all hold hands…Maybe because I’m an AMC co-chair, maybe because I’m an RA, or maybe because I’m just growing up but whatever the reason, I have one simple question to ask: Can’t we all just get along?  Now granted, I live far from the people I call friends, but from what I can tell, there is mounting tensions over these new changes in APO.  Change is not necessarily a bad thing.  I don’t like change personally, but I definitely think that change can be good.  Of course, the people who read this are pretty much in agreeance so I’m only writing to clear my mind I suppose.  But really, people need to get over these issues with the new changes, and other people need to allow them time to accept the new changes.  It works both ways, and as long as both sides are respectful (respectful being the key word) then this will all be under the bridge in a matter of days or weeks.  When the heck did I get so level-headed

Love like I ain’t afraid to be alone…I was watching some show last night, Moulin Rouge to be exact, and I was overcome with the realization that I will never have a love story like that.  And it makes me sad.  Perhaps one of the reasons I haven’t had many relationships is I want the star-crossed love affair that ends happily (must qualify that statement!).  I want it to be passionate, romantic, and real.  That kind of love, though, in real life doesn’t exist.  So does that mean I’m doomed to die alone with only my cats to mourn me?  I hope not. God, I hope not.

Ewww…Saturday is Adopt-A-Highway.  Yay!  Except that it’s raining today.  And will probably rain tomorrow, leaving the ground up there very undesirable to clean up.  Joy.    But as APOers, we’ll be up there come hell or high water, right?  Right.  And we’ll be enjoying Rudy’s afterwards so everyone should come.  Yah!

Until then,

I wanna live.

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  1. hope you are well i wish i could see you in a few wkends when i go see my SISTER but it’s cool i love ya anyways hope all is well

  2. Anonymous says:

    I truly believe that a love such as that can, indeed, exist in real life — but it is only possible between two people who truly believe in that possibility. I haven’t found it yet — I haven’t even come close — but I believe I will find it eventually, and that I’ll know it when it does come. Until then, I’m gonna go out and live, experiencing life as it is meant to be experienced; and when it does come, I’ll be ready for it. Being a romantic may not be easy considering how few succeed… but a single possibility is enough for me. So don’t give up hope — life and love are out there, waiting for you. Go out, get ready for them, and they’ll find you.

  3. Two thoughts.
    First off, I don’t see why the changes are such a big deal.  I actually think they’re a good deal.  Are people really upset about them?  I know it’s going to be difficult for me with Young Life, but to my understanding I can make it up in other areas.  Also, the service still seems flexible with all the options.  My only thing is capture the flag during the daytime.
    Second, I think you’re looking too hard for love while at the same time being pessimistic.  Usually when someone is looking for something, it’s because they’re optimistic that they’re going to find it.  My advice, just sit there and wait for it to bite you in the ass….in a sexual way.
    Miss ya bunches!

  4. Cheer_4_KT says:

    Hey Lisa! Of course I remember you! How could I forget? and yes this is Kt.. Well I have to go, It’s good to hear from you. Love ya -Kt-

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