I’m getting old..

Broomball was awesome, but I’m just too old for it.  My muscles hurt today.  I think I pulled one in my leg.  And I was pushed around a couple of times.  I just thank God for my incredible sense of balance. 

Greg’s shirt made me laugh today.  His blushing over naked fairies made me laugh even harder.  Reminded me of Cosmo days back in the North room.  God how I miss those days! 

The weekend was an emotional rollercoaster, that’s for sure.  It had its great moments and it had its horrible moments.  All I have to say is I love my APhiO family, all of them, even if they anger me at times.  And I love my friends, even when I am perturbed with them.  But they are the family I have, and I think fighting and resolving the issues brings people closer together in the end.  If you drop friends because they do stupid things that anger you, are you really their friend?  Or is it really friends to the end?  Do they get angry with you for being angry?  Do they drop you for being angry?  I think if you can avoid all these pitfalls, then they are a true friend, friend for life (or for now, but hopefully friend for life!).  If you can’t be openly angry (and by openly, I mean tell the person that you are angry for reasons X) then you can’t ever resolve the issue.  Just a thought. 

People just need to be respectful of one another.  If someone asks you to stop doing something, stop unless it is really inconveniencing you.  Don’t purposefully piss someone off and expect them to be your friend.  It doesn’t work that way.


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