Grey skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face!

Breaking away from all this hostility that is overshadowing my life, I have a bit of “good” news.  And by good, I mean it’s sad for Mr. Bloom, but it is so yay for me!  Orlando Bloom is a single man again, folks!  Now, to all those who love and know me, they know that I think he’s just the sexiest, hottest guy around and that I’m…obesessed   though I prefer to think of it as just a small crush.  Harmless, really.  Really.  Anyway, my chances of even meeting him are still like 5 billion to one, but hey, at least I can hit on him when I do meet him.  He is in New Orleans right now.  And it is Mardi Gras.  Road trip anyone?

I’ve decided not to use this journal as a soapbox anymore.  I think things get lost in reading it.  I think I will keep it around though.  If you all didn’t know, I was going to to delete it yesterday. 

This weekend is another intense APO weekend.  Friday we have sign-making for our littles.  I want a really good little.  I haven’t had an outstanding little, even though all of my littles have been awesome.  Dara made my day last semester with her her gift.  I also need a young little.  Dara and Heather are my age, thus leaving no one to will anything to.    I want to leave a legacy, dangit!  Teehee.  Anyway, Saturday I have Habitat for Humanity where I get to be all bad-ass   Hopefully we get to work indoors though.  Mud is no bueno.  But Habitat is always fun.  After Habitat, I’d like to make name tags but we’ll see.  Depends on the work load.  Sunday is Opening Ceremonies, and I’ll get 5, count ’em, 5 points for going!  Woot! 

I do need to take defensive driving this weekend.  Hm…more importantly, I need 40 dollars to take defensive driving this weekend.

That’s all, folks!


6 thoughts on “

  1. If you need advice for making money, ask Tiffany and Lauren who I both love very much; however, I do not wish to support them financially.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on Orlando Bloom’s breakup, I you two end up very happy with eachother,  Sunday is also the superbowl…yay!

  3. hey if you were here then i would go with you too new orelans how long will he be there for?

  4. tigercellist says:

    happy groundhog day! i love you lisa and i miss my roomie, too! have a wonderful day!

  5. Isis7070 says:

    whoop whoop for orli fans!!! and i’ll sign up for the road trip.  i can do it, really i can.

  6. why don’t you update???  I’m eager to know about your life.

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