Sorry I haven’t updated.  I’ve been busy. 

I just finished up my notes for my presentation in Greek Religion.  I was presenting the origins and evolution of the Panathenaea Festival.  Joy.  I was up til 3:30 this morning working on it.  I’m a smart one, let me tell you.  But it will be done with, and no more presentations for me until April!  Woot.  But, alas, I do have a paper due Tuesday in Antiquity and Modernity.  At least I think I have a these now.  I hope

I think Kate and I are starting a new weekly tradition.  Bombays on Mondays, after work and such.  It was so nice on Monday.  The bartender bought me a drink .  He was just excited people came in. Next week I hope to go again, but I’ll be DD this time.  It’s just nice to switch.  I hope to go out on Thursday as well, but I need to study for my two quizzes  especially since I slept through my first class this morning .  But that’s okay, I needed the sleep.  And it was only rocks for jocks anyway. 

Tomorrow is Beth’s 21st!  Yay!  Happy birthday Beth!

Still nothing in the boy department, although I do have this small crush on someone who shall remain nameless.  He doesn’t even know my name, probably, but still, he’s nice.  What’s a girl to do?  And that’s a rhetorical question; you people better not go and make that dirty.  This guy is really nice, unlike DK who has proven that he is a “bad, bad” guy   Heart ya DK!

Quote because it was so funny:

Me: So, what can us girls do for yall?  What’s the equivalent of showing up with flowers and a suit?
DK:   Um…how about a bouquet of meat and showing up in bikinis?

Gotta love guys.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Isis7070 says:

    dk actually said that!  hahahaha, and i missed it.  booo!  ah well, nothing in the boy department for me either, i think italy is a better place for that than greece. lol!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised how much milage that quote has gotten, and lauren, don’t make me and greg come over there!

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