Something new…

What do you guys think of my background?  I like it.  I liked this other one I found, but I couldn’t use it for some reason.  Who knows. 

I’m suffering from a thing known as lack of sleep.  Too much studying, too much work, I could just sleep for days.  I keep reminding myself that I’ll sleep when I’m dead but it’s not very comforting .  In other news, I did take my geology test and I think I did okay on it.  I’m also turning in all my stuff to ResLife today, so I’m like a day ahead of schedule. 

It’s Friday .  That means…well, I’m not sure what that means, but there has been talk of going out.  I’m not sure I should drink.  I’ve gained like 2 lbs since turning 21 but I’ve been really trying to eat a bit healthier.  Fruit in the morning, usually something greasy at Coate (boo! ) and something light for dinner like a wrap or shrimp or something.  Chocolate has been bad (boo Valentine’s Day ) and alcohol and such.  But I like going out so we’ll see. 

I also have the Trinity Plague, but as of yet, no one has died from it so I should be okay

Thank God It’s Friday!!!

“A Christian woman in the devil’s land.”


5 thoughts on “

  1. tigercellist says:

    i’m a fan of the new look…a little hard to read, but maybe that’s just me and my tiny screen…anyhoo, have a great night! yay for going out and partying it up!

  2. hey babe Ur site looks great I had alot of fun with you the other day we will have to do it soon I have soo much to say but not now so ttyl love you very much!! You are a great friend

  3. Iniquid says:

    Damn lisa I am glad you called me. There are not many people from DPHS that I still keep up with. My life has gone 90 miles a second since the day I graduated. But It was so so so good to hear from you and I miss you. I will be up in SA soon even if it is only to see you.

  4. I think it’s pretty, but the font’s small and it’s hard to navigate through.

  5. Isis7070 says:

    love the pic, but the writtings gotta change.  there i left you a note about your new background.  miss ya!

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