Guess who’s back?!

I’ve decided it was time to update this silly thing!  I just haven’t had much to say.  I still don’t have anything of interest to say but at least the date will be changed.

Spring break was a lot of fun.  I went home Thursday so I could spend a few days with my parents, take care of my cat, and pick up some things I left.  Home was alright, but there was nothing to do.  My brother went to Florida for break and most of my friends would not be in until Monday.  But I did eat breakfast with my father (a tradition) and hung out with Leah Saturday night.  Plus my mom took me out for drinks since she had not been able to buy me a drink since I turned 21.  I love my mom, she’s awesome. 

Sunday, I sadly left my house and those that I love to go see Katie and Kate so we could begin our journey out west   That made me happy!  We were on the road at 6 AM .  Yes, for those of you who have not been awake that early (I’m talking 5ish to be awake…) since high school, it still does exist.  Our road trip to Arizona lasted about 16 hours but it seemed like it lasted forever.  Not that it didn’t have its perks.  We saw the sunset over the desert upon entering Arizona, and it was truly spectacular.  The mountains are gorgeous; I’m so jealous of those who have a mountain in their backyard.  It must be nice.  Texas is so dry and FLAT!  From Abilene to the I-10/I-20 interchange, there is absolutely nothing to look at except for the oil derricks.  Texas is too big, as well.  We drove 10 hours and were still in the Lone Star State.  Sigh.  Oh well.  The point is we eventually got to Arizona. 

Tuesday, the group of us (Andy, Carol, DK, Kate, Katie, Tiffany, and myself) went to Taliesen (spelling?) which was Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert home.  It was pretty awesome even though it did show that the man was either not all there or extremely brilliant and crazy.  I may post some pictures.  That night the same group of us along with Carol’s mom saw Cavalia, which was like a Cirque de Soliel but with horses.  Carol’s father gets 100 cool points as he got us the tickets.  It was an amazing show!  Being the theatre techie I am (at heart), the lights and effects astounded me.  It was a truly beautiful technical show and the tech was almost as impressive as the horses and acrobats themselves. 

On Wednesday Tiffany’s father took us on a hike up Pinnacle Peak.  I love hiking.  It was 2 1/2 miles which we all completed even if we did take a few breaks .  The view from the top, which was not the peak unfortunately (you had to be a professional mountain climber to go there), was so amazing.  I’ve never been on mountains.  I’m from Texas and I don’t travel often, so standing on top of a small mountain seems pretty amazing to me!  After our hike, we returned to Carol’s house to go in the hot tub, eat, and watch the Incredibles.  Unfortunately, I was pretty tired so I slept through some of The Incredibles.  Oops

Thursday we decided to go to the zoo, which I was excited about.  I love zoos because I love animals.  The Phoenix Zoo was not that spectacular, but it had some really cool animals.  Katie and I decided we want to get a fennec fox.  A fennec fox is about 15 inches long and a few inches high so it’s really small.  But its ears are so massive!  They are probably as big as it’s body.  It was so adorable.  Alas, I did not get to see my wolf but I did get to see a coyote, so I was content.  That night, Tiffany’s mother cooked us an excellent meal and we had a small St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  I had a bad night at poker (boo!) but that’s okay, I have had really good nights of poker so I guess it averages out.  I also made the margaritas that night!  Maybe I should be a bartender .  Katie, DK, and I had to go to sleep early because…

We left at 5 AM for our return trip to Arlington.  We were up at 4:30.  Are we amazing or what?  The drive back didn’t seem as long but I was so tired by the end.  The cool part of that adventure was we pulled off the interstate to get gas in Odessa and found this really old gas station in the city.  The “city” was pretty run down but this gas station was so cool!  Katie got to pump.  It was one of those pumps where the numbers actually turn and you have to tell the attendant the amount you pumped.  I love antiques! 

Saturday, I, alone, drove back to San Antonio so I could open on Sunday.  Needless to say, I don’t want to drive a long distance for a very long time!  Luckily, I won’t have to!  My parents are coming next weekend for parents weekend, and I go home after May 13th (I believe). 

I suppose that is it…that was  my spring break.  My hands are cold so I’m going to go run them under warm water. 

“Besides the Mexican food sucks north of here anyway!” – Ohio (Come Back to Texas) Bowling for Soup


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  1. heyglad u had a good spring breakI can’t sleepI hope you come home around then thats around my birthday welll anyways I love you and i can’t wait to tell you somethings..well have a good day lots of love..I can’t sleep it bad

  2. there’s one of those pumps at the Chevron station on  Hildebrand.

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