Incase people have forgotten, I do exist.

 I can’t help but think a movie that Lauren and I rented last year.  The Colin Farrell creepy one? A Home at the End of the World?  He said something and it just stuck in my head.  For those of you who don’t know what it says, it says, “Is there anything you can’t do?” “I can’t be alone.”  Now, many people know I don’t date a lot and that is loneliness in and of itself.  I’ve learned to deal with that.  But…I can’t feel alone as in away from friends or being outright rejected and ignored by people who are “friends.”  It’s so sad that people can control my life so much, but when I’m alone, I feel nothing and nothingness is not good.  I guess this is an internal thing and I should just shut up.  Or maybe find new friends.  Or maybe move to Istanbul and take up a whole other life there and forget about everyone I ever cared about.

But first, I must graduate or my mom will kill me .  Joking aside, I can be happy by myself, but what’s the point really?

Life has been good recently, despite the above paragraph.  I’ve had fun!  Been busy like no other, but I’ve really been trying to work and not goof off.  I just stay behind because it’s so much!  But when I go home…LAUREN will be getting home, who-hoo!  I know she’ll miss Greece, but I hope she misses us too! 

I can’t wait for my abroad buds to get home.  I miss yall so much! 

Another great thing about today was…I ACTUALLY GOT ADVISED.  It was amazing, he actually helped out.  If only he had done this two years ago, right?  Oh and I got to hit Dr. Hirschfeld, Dr. Murillo, and Dr. Cook in the face with a pie.  How many college kids can say that?  Well…now the whole classics department, but eh, not a lot if you go off campus.  Yay for Chocolate Festival!  I just hope Dr. Cook doesn’t remember us hitting him with pies when grading our midterms .  The midterm was evil enough as it was. 

Anyone up for 50/50 this weekend?  Or Bays?  Or somewhere else on Friday night?

And sometimes, I do like to have fun.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bays on friday sounds like th greatist idea since soft toliet paper, I’m sorry if I am included in the first paragraph but it has been a stressful week, I really do like you…do you still want to take dance next semester? say Ballroom on TR? I am also taking a page from your book and pulling an all nighter but I promise on friday I will be more socioble

  2. I miss my Lisa!  I would totally never forget about you unless I was PMSing and decided no one should be around me.  I really do miss you!  When I get back, you totally ahve to come over to my house one afternoon.  We’ll lay by the pool and then go to Cyclones!  I’ll try to get you a Margarita Gratis.  If you’re really interested, I can handle a trip to IKEA because I know you love it.  Did i tell you I’m doing a project on IKEA?  It’s for my managing cultural diversity class.  We’re researching different companies diversity plans, and my group’s doing IKEA!  How guay (cool) is that?
    Oh, I also learned a spanish phrase that I think both of us use a good amount in english.  It’s ¡Que demonioso!  What the hell?  I think I spelled it right.  Anyways, yeah.  I just thought you’d want a lesson in spanish, my love. 

  3. tigercellist says:

    lisa, i miss you! i never get to see you and it makes me sad. we should arrange a night out sometime soon…when we ever have time…or should i say, if we ever have time. sigh. anyway, have a good day, and i’ll see you tomorrow if not before.

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