Survival of the fittest

This week was tough.  I think I failed a Latin test, but I think I did okay on my Letters of Paul test.  My paper to Jenkins is a toss up.  I like the ideas in it, but I don’t think it came full-circle so to speak.  I guess time will tell.

My grades this semester are not looking so good.  This last round of tests really hurt. I always have the finals, but still, it’ll be tough to recover.  Why is it always hard to recover from one bad grade. Example?  My GPA.  I had one bad semester and bam!  My GPA is low for remainder of the semester.  Grr.

I think I care too much about grades.

In other news, my study break last night went alright.  Not many people came, which makes me a little sad.  But those who came really had a good time.  I bought el Maracumbre red sauce for it.  Yum.  I know you guys are so jealous.  But this study break totally killed my diet!  I’m really trying to eliminate fried foods from my diet permenantly.  This isn’t a diet per se but a change in eating habits.  And yeah, Mexican food definitely kills that.  :-/ 

I’ll be going home this weekend so I’ll miss out on campus shananigans.  Let me know what goes on so I’m not out of the loop.

One final thought of the day.  God does work in really weird ways sometimes.  At the beginning of the week, I was really distressed.  I didn’t know what to do this summer – stay here or go home.  Either choice had pros and cons, and I really didn’t want to leave friends hanging with rent.  But amazingly, it has worked out.  Congrats to Beth for her job!  Yay!  Sometimes following one’s instinct really does work out for the best.  So, to those of you who are a little confused on what’s going on in life, remember that things happen for a reason.  You just have to have a little faith.

Have a little faith in me.

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  1. Nally, I’m currently having mixed thoughts about you.  I love you as a friend and love your encouragement, but at the same time must you talk about Mexican food??? Curse you! Bitch! (Remember first year?)
    Anyways, when I get back, we’re going to Cyclones!  You can surprisingly eat healthy there; however, I will choose not to for a while.

  2. So, are you going home for summer?

  3. Bookaholic7 says:

    We could all use a little more faith….

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