RIP Faline

I think she knew what was going on.  She didn’t fight the doctor.  Instead, she cradled her head in my hands.  I held her head and her little paw as the doctor injected her with the killer drug.  She did not flinch nor cry; instead, she just stared ahead, appearing to accept her fate.  I cried some but I just petted her little head, constantly whispering that I loved her.  She did not die alone, but she was surrounded by people who cared about her.  And after 3 shots (my cat was stubborn even in death), I was there when her life left her body.  Her breathing stopped.  Her pupils enlarged.  Her body remained but her spirit, the spirit that made her special, was gone.  And I stared at the body of a cat that I loved so much and I wouldn’t have traded that moment for anything.  To be present at the end of her life, a life that brought joy and happiness to mine, seemed fitting for me and for the cat.  She knew she was loved.  She didn’t go by herself.  That moment is precious, so very precious.  It was a horrible, precious moment that concluded the life of my dear, sweet kitty. 

I’ll miss her terribly.

10-30-89 to 4-16-05


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  1. Attaway to be courageous.  I would have punched the doctor.  Fortunately for the doctor and myself, there is a small body of water with sharks between us.  I don’t do sharks.  Hence one more reason for not going to Deer Park, closer to sharks.

  2. I still love you though.  Again, when I get back.  It’s Cyclones!  I’ll also introdue you to Buffalo Grille as well for breakfast.  They do also have good fries.

  3. hey girl…I’m really sorry about ur Kitty I kinda understand I mean cause mine died but I didn’t have mine as long but, I will keep you in my prayers I hope you will be okay I work tonight till 10 call me if you want when i get off tomorrow I don’t go into wrk tomorrow till 6pm if you wanna call well I love you and i’m always thinking about you

  4. Bookaholic7 says:

    I’m sorry about Faline But, I’m sure she was glad to have you there with her, and now she’s in a much better place, without any pain.I’ll see you when you get back, and we can do something fun…. like studying Latin!

  5. Lisa, I love you! If you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you as much as I can be. If you want, we can get chocolate ice cream and chit chat. I’ll finish my hw during the day, just fot you. Sorry about the kitty. I’ve never had a pet for that long, but I’m sure I’m that attached to Skylar, and don’t know what I’ll do when he dies. You’re very strong and very brave.

  6. hey sorry again i’m here again but I just had to tell you something ooh go check out my site I made it look a little better let me know if that works..

  7. tigercellist says:

    i love you lisa, and i’m sorry about faline, but mad propz for being brave, and if you need a hug i’m here…or if you need someone to talk to…or if you want to try and convince me that we need a kitty next year, i’m here for that too

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