Insomnia for all.

I have yet another reason to despise my genetic make-up.  My mother informed me today, after calling her crying about my sleeping problems, that she suffered from insomnia when she was my age.  Great.  Just something I have to get used to I suppose.  But that is the last straw!  If I dare get one more thing from my parents, I’ll go crazy.  Don’t get me wrong; I love my parents.  I love them a lot more now that I only live with them 3 months of the year!  But I don’t want to be like them!  Argh.  I knew this “youth” thing that I had grown accustomed to would disappear and adulthood would rear its ugly head.  Sigh.  What can you do?

Run down of my weekend:

Main Street Pizza (yum!), laughing about yachts, disturbing Trinity play, research (boo!), PF Changs (yum!), cat-napping, Semi-formal (eh…), Return of the King with Andy and Christina (I heart the gay elf!), staying up too late chatting, paper writing, more paper writing, getting tipsy at 6 o’clock at Jen’s birthday, trying to write a paper while tipsy (muy fun!), Latin (not so fun), and laying in bed awake all night.

I suppose there was a little light stalking in there as well, but it was totally against my will.  The combination of Jessica and Christina can be deadly but lots of fun!

I fought my car today.  I won. 

I also skipped Latin to sleep.  I’m a bad person.  But I figure, when I feel like sleeping, I’d better sleep!

*background melody* Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah – Just for you Andy Kinzler!


6 thoughts on “

  1. you’re not going to sing a song for me? i’m hurt

  2. Isis7070 says:

    you have still yet to send me pics from semi-formal and what do you mean “eh”?  o, i get it, iw asn’t there so it wasn’t the blast it should of beem huh?

  3. Imtindomeiel says:

    Yeah, let’s go with that, Lauren.

  4. tigercellist says:

    sorry it wasn’t as good as last year…we’ll hope for better in ’06

  5. Dang! I know what you need….

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