Oh dear lord.

Tonight’s campout.  I was excited about it.  Sadly, I just heard how full Katie’s car will be.  And this makes me sad.  Crowded road trips aren’t fun.  They give me a headache. Alas, I wish my car didn’t have a leak or I’d drive their myself.  That wouldn’t be nearly as fun as with company, but at least I wouldn’t get sick along the way. 

Other information that has trickled down makes me anxious about going.  I’m really having reservations about going now.  Really.

Alas, we did not read Catullus today.  That’s okay though; I forgot my book so I would have had to look on with someone else.  But I do love to laugh at Catullus.  But we can look forward to it next year, w00t

Maybe I’ll write about the trip or maybe I won’t. 

When I get back from the beach, I’ll be working incessantly until May 10th. 

I hate finals.


2 thoughts on “

  1. I’m working incessantly until May 19th and then a fiesta!

  2. tigercellist says:

    sigh…the big events just didn’t go our way this year…maybe next year will be better. sorry my car was so crowded. anyway, good luck with the rest of the semester…and yay for summer and then senior year! w00t!

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