I am:

“Congratulations, you’re a swing voter. When they say ‘Nascar Dad’, they mean you. Every Republican ad on the TV set was made just for your viewing pleasure. Don’t you feel special?”

Are You A Republican?

I did change one answer from last night. Last night I was only 40% Republican…but I changed one after thinking about it for a long time.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Isis7070 says:

    i think 51% is a good amount, that way people can’t say you’re all close minded and crap.  susan always told me i was very open minded for how restrictive i was on myself.  isn’t she observant? lol

  2. tigercellist says:

    we’ll get you back down to 40%….just give us time. have a great week, despite finals and such!

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