Someday we’ll know

I have finals in a few days.  I’m still pretty apathetic about it.  Maybe my andrenaline will kick in soon.  Maybe not.  Oh well.  I figure if I fail out of school, I’ll still have that corner of land on Center Street.  I also have a nice box that would make a nice home.  And the city will do the landscaping bit.  It will be nice.  I can be a bum.  Sabrina was to join me but I think that has changed.  But that’s okay.  I’m a loner anyway. 

Yesterday was so blah.  Sad times for sure.  I went to mentoring and then to work. Then I took a nap.  I went to Stonewerks, which was alright.  It has a nice bar and a nice set up for happy hour.  We should all go sometime.  Anyway, after that I sat in my room for awhile, being unproductive.  I went to the library where I proceeded to fall asleep.  So I went back to the room to nap before rounds.  Sigh.  My life is boring.  I need excitement. 

Tomorrow is Kingdom of Heaven.  Yay.  May 18th/19th is Star Wars.  At least I have something to look forward to.  My mother did point out a great thing.  One plus of being home this summer is I can relax.  It will be nice to have 3 months of relaxation. I just wish she’d let me get a cat, erm let herself get a cat for her…

I’m off to lunch then to begin packing.  I do need to run to walmart at some point to get more candy for good luck bags.  I just want these next two weeks over!

I pray to be only yours.


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  1. If you ever need a lift, you can come join me in my van down by the river.

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