Obi-Wan: I have a really bad feeling about this.

*Warning: There may be potential spoilers.  I don’t personally consider anything below as spoilers but please read at your own risk.*

After seeing Star Wars 2, this was my thought about the third: it can’t be good.  Attack of the Clones was a disappointment.  But George Lucas redeemed his franchise with Revenge of the Sith.  The focus, of course, is the Anakin Skywalker’s conversion to the dark side of the force.  However, Mr. Lucas wrote the story in such a way that makes Anakin’s descent into darkness deeper than a simple lust for power.  Anakin is a tragic character rather than a warmonger.  And perhaps his reasons for joining the dark side are a little outrageous and silly, but they show a character who genuinely wants to fix the world but chooses the wrong way to go about doing so.  Star Wars has never sent me on an emotional rollercoaster as Revenge of the Sith did: I laughed, I wanted to cry, and and I wanted to shake Anakin to tell him he was being an idiot.  It’s hard to watch a good person spiral into an abyss of hate and anger.  I highly recommend Episode 3.  Anyone want to see it again?

I heart midnight movies with good friends.  I love you guys!  Lauren, I missed you so much!  Glad you are home! 

The Emperor: We shall change into the first Galactic Empire for a safe and secure society.
[Senate fills with enormous applause
Padme: This is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause

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