Gosh, I’ve been a horrible Xanga writer lately.  I just haven’t had much to say I guess.  I’ve been busy and bored.  Plus I got the Sims 2 and that has taken up a considerable amount of my time.  I love destroying people’s lives .

My mother is on my last nerve.  I get my streak of negativity from her.  She asked me what I would do when I didn’t get into graduate school.  She actually used the word “when”.  Sigh.  If my own mother doesnt’ think I can do it, do I even have a chance?  I don’t know what I’d do otherwise.  Since I’m on a Star Wars kick, I’ll use an example from Revenge of the Sith so you all can see how I’m feeling.  If Chancellor Palpatine were to tell me that I had always dreamed of something more than the average life of a Jedi, I’d agree.  I don’t dream of sitting in an office cubicle the rest of my life.  I want to travel, I want to see things, I want to experience life, not be killed by the oppression of the working world.  Unfortunately, I am poor, and this education will not pay for itself.  Maybe I could fake my own death, teehee.  I’m playing, but I don’t want to end up unhappy like my parents.  I want to end up great, famous, eccentric even.  Just something more than the 9-5 depressed mother that I’ve seen happen to so many people.  That’s just a thought.

In other news, no new cat yet.  Grr.  I’m still plotting but I dont think it’s going to happen.  This summer just sucks.  Thank God for Lauren’s being in Sugarland.  I know that I can temporarily escape hell for a day or so.

We were meant to live for so much more.


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