Working retail in South Houston is fucking insane.  We can’t speak to our customers as they don’t speak English.  Their children are like monsters who love to destroy what you just finished cleaning.  They don’t clean up their fucking rummage mess and get pissed when they can’t find something (hello, it’s probably in another rounder where some other inconsiderate customer stuffed it in order to see me have to jump leaps and bounds to fix it).  Apparently they urinate in the dressing room (thankfully I wasn’t working or I would have lost it) and they are flat out rude.

I hate working 8 hours there.

I hate closing.

But I guess it’s a job.  Seven more weeks of this then it’s back to San Antonio for me.  If I survive.  Our customers have been known to make sufficient death threats towards the staff…not kidding either.



5 thoughts on “

  1. Bookaholic7 says:

    That sounds like…. fun.
    But just think how much better it will make being back at school seem . Not that it needs to be made to seem better. Anyway, hang in there!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Closing does suck, worst part of retail by far.

  3. Isis7070 says:

    at least your working, i’m still working on trying to work.  and watch your language missy.  and i’m sorry but i’d soooo laugh if you got a death threat. lol maybe that’s a but morbid of me, but come on, i’d make a great story.  “yeah, and then there was that one time i got a death threat from working at dots” great conversation starter don’t ya think?

  4. hope things look miss ya i’ll call ya

  5. tigercellist says:

    i agree…closing is the worst…but it’s only a matter of weeks til the fun begins… TU CLASS OF ’06!!!!!!!! WAHEEEEEEEE!!!! have a nice day, m’dear!

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