So what do ya think?

New layout.  I was bored. 

I’m still bored.  But I have work tomorrow (boo!) so I’m gonna try to go to bed.  Just thought I’d say something in light of my new site.



7 thoughts on “

  1. Isis7070 says:

    wow, big change from the dark blue, but i like it.  you can’t go wrong with purple, even if it is a bit of a panzy purple.

  2. Cataine7 says:

    I like your new photo very niceone week for me! then I’m home!! two weeks for me is a BAD NUMBER cause thats the date of my GRE….*shudder*god I want to leave……I need the destressing of pestering my cat and instigating chases around the house with the dog…..though I dont’ need the sudden furry nature of my clothes when I go home…that is the only thing I don’t like….ugh!

  3. Since when did you go for the tan look?  I do like it though.  Tell me about Friday.

  4. Bookaholic7 says:

    Nifty layout… I want to go to an Astros game .

  5. hey ur site is cute actually
    we need to hang out before you go back

  6. tigercellist says:

    i like the layout and that’s a great picture of you. have a great day, and yay for being back at school in just a few weeks! w00t!

  7. Go Astros!  Go Deer! 

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