Okay, so maybe I’m really not dying, but I have been really sick and in pain today.  I should go to the doctor, but I feel that they will want to run tests.  Their wanting to run tests will stress me out for the time being as I don’t have time to take tests and I’ll be leaving for SA in less than a week!  So I think I will delay a doctor’s visit until I’m settled in.  Maybe after the GRE. 

I bought an FM transmitter for my Ipod.  Yay!  This means I can listen to my Ipod in the car which means I’ll have it for the drive back to SA!!!!  Whoot!  Of course I’m out 30 bucks but I think it’s worth it.

I need to start packing.  That’s next on my pink sticky note. 



4 thoughts on “

  1. Cataine7 says:

    you’re ipod? this is news to me when did you buy it, what is the GB it has….??? (warning:mac nerd approaching)miss ya!!

  2. tigercellist says:

    feel better soon! see you in like 2 weeks!! rock on! 😎

  3. See you in thirteen days!  Can I get a whoohoo? 

  4. Isis7070 says:

    i don’t wanna pack! (imagine this being said in a really whiny voice)

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