Only two people answered my last post and only 2 people were concerned to answer Jenny’s post!  I’m feeling the love.  I’ll remember this, my friends. 

I was awoken (or is is awaken?) to the sounds of the fire alarm.  It started off down the hall.  I woke up wondering, “What’s that noise?”  I soon found out when my own fire alarm started blaring.  It’s so disorienting.  But I guess it’s good to know they work!  Hopefully, this will be the last time I hear it, though I’m sure that’s wishful thinking. 

Today is a busy day.  I need to talk to the religion department, the financial aid department, and Witt Center.  Plus a good number of residents are moving in!  Yay!!!

This is my life…and I’m working towards who I want to be.



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