I guess I should do an update, though apparently no one reads this anyway.  Zero comments on that last post.  Man, do I feel the love?  School has started.  I feel like such a slacker.  I’m only taking classics courses and I’m only taking 12 hours.  Okay, thirteen if you count yoga.  My one consolation is that I am taking Latin and Greek.  Eep!  But part of me wishes I was taking some geology or chemistry class.  I miss chemistry, strangely enough.  But I don’t miss it enough to endanger my GPA by taking it here.  Hellz no! 

This weekend definitely had some moments.  Friday night, there was a get together off campus that I attended.  It was fun.  I enjoyed myself and the company of my friends.  We got in a little bit later than I had planned to but that was okay.  One of us, and I’m not saying who, was the focal point of the evening as she disappeared with Random Boy A.  Of course they were talking but she definitely had the crowds buzzing about. 

Yesterday I met up with Bryan and some people from a church back home to tube the Guadelupe.  It was HOT but it was nice.  There were many people on the river, mostly college students, and the occasional red neck or two.  These people were the stereotypical Texans: beer, annoying accent, and probably as smart as a snail.  One girl kept yelling down the river at another girl and one of the guys we rode back with to the tube rental place decided it was okay to lay in the middle of the street.  Geez.  He was trashed as well so he kept falling on Lauren and Katie on the way back.  It was funny.  The most memorable quote of the day was, “Darwin rears his ugly head!” by some guy who was commenting on the drunk guy laying in the road.  Oh wait!  No, it was the girl crossing the road while a car was coming.  Either way, the person was doing something incredibly stupid.  Gotta love our generation…

Seeing Bryan and the rest of the people I know was fun.  I love Trinity people but it’s nice to see someone who knew you before you were in school.  So it was a lot of fun and now I can only wait to go tubing with APO.  That may have some fun stories…

I guess I had better get back to my ridiculously long reading.  Ciao for now!


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  1. sorry I don’t like xanga much anymore

  2. Isis7070 says:

    yeah, that guy that cracking jokes about the rednecks was a little weird, but no more so than any of the other funny things that happened on taht excursion i suppose, lol.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a comment

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