The storm that never happened…

I am one of those 4 million people from Houston, and I spent last week in a nervous state as I was not home to help out my parents to prepare for the storm.  It was the third most intense storm ever.  This caused 2 million people or so Gulf Coast people to leave their homes.  This caused headaches on the freeways.  This was just dumb, especially since the storm really didn’t hit Houston, yet millions left in a panic.  Some stalled out because they ran out of gas.  Some made their destinations.  And some, mostly people in mandatory evac places were forced to return home.  The evacuation of Houston really needs to be looked at because the people who needed the most to leave couldn’t get out because everyone, EVERYONE was panicking in the wake of Katrina.  Ugh, it makes me sick to think about.  The mayor better work on something better.

Bryan came to see me this weekend though

In the tradition of the south, my friends and I had hurricane gatherings this weekend.  One was a “Rita” party.  Teehee.  It’s funny; college kids don’t really need a reason to party, yet when the opportunity arises, we make it special.  Anyway, Friday was a great time and I love everyone I got to spend time with.  Some of them I don’t really see often so it was nice.  This weekend I have the GRE  and I am not looking forward to it.  Boo.  I hate standardized tests.

Katie and Kate are sitting beside me saying random things.  FYI.  Now they are laughing. 

I am going to go read.



2 thoughts on “

  1. What’s wrong with gridlock?  It’s part of our sweet home.  That’s like saying you hate the Alamo if you’re from San Antonio.

  2. katgbarry says:

    you don’t like evil giggling?  i’m disappointed in you, lisa.  i mean, it’s not like we were plotting your downfall or anything….
    as for the gre…i’m in agreement…it totally has snuck up on me…evil gre….

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