I haven’t updated in awhile.  I dont’ know why.  I just haven’t had much to say.  A lot of people haven’t updated.  Maybe we’re slowly growing out of the blogging era.  I’ve had this Xanga for 875 days.  Weird. 

Oh yes, and I despise senior year!

That is all for now. Nothing profound.  I appologize.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Bookaholic7 says:

    877 for me….. so long ago. Good grief.I haven’t updated this in a while, but I’ve made a couple of posts on lj.Senior year is evil, yes.

  2. katgbarry says:

    agreed. who knew this year would be so stressful…i mean really. hmph.

  3. First rule of graduation anyone?

  4. Isis7070 says:

    true, we should be following the first rule, but somebosy should have had the decency to let us on this little joke called senior year.

  5. Dude, I thought I was churning out the entires like a sausage factory.

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