I began looking for a post-graduate job next year.  I’ve started some research.  The problem is I have no idea what I want to do.  I wouldn’t mind working downtown or in a business environment, but I’m a humanities major, which means I’m not really trained in the business world.  Likewise, I can’t get a job in my own field until I have a higher degree.  Grr.  I have decided to take a year or two off.  If nothing else, I want to figure out what I want to do.  I have a world of interests: archaeology, teaching high school Latin,  be a college professor, research, and crime scene processing.  I need to figure out which path to take before I invest any more money into education.  But on the flip side, I have to make some money as I want to move into my own apartment.  *Screams*  I just want to be 10 again!

Christmas was good.  I got some nice things, mainly jewelry and pajamas.  I got CSI season 5, and a Chi hair straightener.  Bryan got me a watch and a bracelet   I spent Christmas Day in McKinney, but I was only there 6 hours.  We spent 8 hours in the car.  Doesn’t make sense.   I got to see Katelynn, my newest 2nd cousin, and she is absolutely adorable.  Almost made me want a baby in the future.  Almost. 

I will be in Canada in a week   Exciting!



4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comment…being 10 would awesome….and I’m always for moving to Cabo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I was in McKinney for Christmas also. We’re like twins, except not. :PYay, Canada!

  3. hope youre doin alright.

  4. I’m sure you are in Canada now I hope you are having fun call me when you get a chance

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