101 Stars in 1,001 Days

I started this a couple of years ago but got side-tracked. Some I had done, so I decided to restart the list, with some new things.

Why am I doing this? One, to complete something I can be proud of. Another is to be a better person. They say lists are important…that if you write down a goal, you can achieve it. Well these are my goals. In the end, I hope to be a more well-rounded person and learn a little about myself and the people around me at the same time 🙂

Some of the items on this list are gimmes (for example, Brooklyn will be potty-trained) but others are very far-fetched so I think it evens out! Thinking of 101 things to realistically do is hard! I’ve done a lot already, and I didn’t want any repeats (i.e. I’ve visited a synagogue and a Hindu temple so visiting another religion’s place of worship is out!).

Here’s the key:
Completed Item
Work in Progress
Haven’t started

Here’s the list:

Blog once a week for a year
Create an app (December 2013)
Upgrade to a flat screen TV (March 30, 2013)
Buy a nice video digital camera
Create my own website (August 2013)
Create a fun music video
Create a fun YouTube video
Learn PHP
Host my own blog
Be a guest blogger
Create a video for YouTube highlighting a good cause

Lifelong Goals
Finish a novel
Buy a house
Complete graduate school
Get engaged
Create my own online business

Volunteer at a Houston Habitat for Humanity site
Donate blood
Find out my blood type
Do a random good deed for someone without them knowing
Participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
Volunteer at a soup kitchen on a holiday
Make a donation in my father’s name

Artistic Expression
Take a photography class
Attend a cooking class
Learn to play a musical instrument
Write a song
Finish learning French
Sell art on Etsy

Health & Beauty
Take a vitamin every day for a month (July 2013)
Attend a yoga/pilates class
Do a Wii body test once a week for 6 months (0 of 6)
Work out 3 times a week for 6 months (0 of 6)
Get down to 150 lbs
Go to Zumba in Discovery Park
Take my lunch to work every day for 30 days
No sodas for one month (Diet Coke included!) (July 2013)
Get a spray on tan
Have a spa day
Live as a pescatarian for a week
Participate in Shiner B.A.S.H.
Complete a Tough Mudder
Get my haircut on a regular basis for a year

Pay off credit cards (0 of 4)
Invest in something other than my 401(k)
Save $5,000
Go a month without buying anything for myself that isn’t a necessity
Save $20 a month for a great vacation at the end of goal (0/33)
Stick to a budget for one month, 100%
Pay off car

Friendships & Relationships
Send 10 ‘Just Because’ cards to friends not in town (0 – 10)
Send out Christmas cards (on time for once)
Call at least one friend at least one time a week for 6 months (0 of 6)
See Blue October with Jess Robbins
See Incubus or Bowling for Soup with Katie Leininger
See Taking Back Sunday with Lauren Dollar
Visit Jess Robbins in Connecticut
Visit Rebecca Loya in Florida

Self Improvement
Go to the Menil Museum
Attend a Christmas play
Attend a concert in Discovery Park
Shop at a farmer’s market
Master 10 amazing fancy recipes and cook them for others (0 of 10)
Read the books on this list if I have not done so already
Learn how to change a flat tire
Learn how to change the oil on my car
See 10 classic movies that I have never seen (0 of 10)
Reread Dante’s The Divine Comedy

Invite my family over for a home cooked dinner
Call my mom every Sunday for 6 months (0 of 6)
<strike>Call my grandmother once a week for 6 months (0 of 6)</strike> Sadly, my grandmother passed away in March 2013. I already miss her.
Record family history either by video or by hand
Record my favorite recipes by my mom and grandmother
Host a holiday at my home (Thanksgiving 2013)

Buy a piece of artwork I can’t live without
Buy a new bedroom set
Clean out my closet
Move my college degree from my parents house
Buy a new dining room set
Find a place that I love and settle there for a few years
Move into my own place (March 2013)

Visit the Grand Canyon
Have gelato in Rome
Go out of the country with a significant other
Go on a road trip with my mom
Take a girls trip
Visit Washington D.C.
Go on a cruise (preferably Mediterranean)
Visit a winery

Pray every day for a month
Go to church on a non-holiday

Take Brooklyn to Disney World
Make a bear at Build-A-Bear (March 13, 2013)
Potty train Brooklyn
Make a photo book about Brooklyn
Invest $1000 in Brooklyn’s name
Take Brooklyn to NYC
Take Brooklyn to Florida
Enroll her in Sunday School
Write her a letter a week to give to her in 15 years

Ready, set, GO!


2 thoughts on “101 Stars in 1,001 Days

  1. Jess Robbins says:

    I’m on a personal mission to save enough money to fly to Texas and go to a Blue October concert with you. And Jan 1st… we start 🙂
    I love you with all my heart and support you 1,001 percent!!

  2. cha.otic says:

    Thank you love! We will see Blue October!! 🙂 And do the others on Jan 1. I can’t wait!!

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