Envelope Money System

In an attempt to bring my finances under control, I am using the Dave Ramsey envelope system. It’s not bad. You just set aside money for certain categories and once the cash is gone, you stop spending money. So far…it helps. But who wants to carry around ugly white envelopes? Not this girl! 

Instead, I used Pintrest and found an amazing template on Simple Dimples: A Crafty Blog. Using the template and fun, flirty scrapbook paper, I made envelopes that are pretty to look at and are substantial enough to not get destroyed in my purse. Best of all, they fit in a clutch! She also has ledger templates that fit in the envelopes so you can keep track of your spending! 


Aren’t the adorable?! It was very simple. All you need is scrapbook paper, preferably a heavier weight, scissors and a glue stick. And the template.

Check out Simple Dimples and my Pintrest site!

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