Turkey patties and work out routines

In terms of my healthy habits, I was in more control today. I had a very healthy dinner. I made turkey patties and homemade fries. I marinated the turkey patties in Worcestershire sauce and pepper and garlic powder. It made the turkey juicy and very tasty. It didn’t even taste like turkey! I put grilled onions (sauteed in water, not butter) on it and a dash of pepper. They were ah-may-zing. I just wish I had taken a picture. My homemade fries were made from a Russet potato. I thinly sliced the potato and seasoned it with pepper and garlic powder. No salt. Setting the oven to 400 degrees, I covered the cookie sheet in olive oil and baked the potatoes. They were so good! They came out perfect!

ImageTo go along with this, I had steamed veggies. Brooklyn promptly through her plate to the ground. She’s a character, let me tell you.

Part two of my new health initiative is this work out. I pinned this picture a while back on my Pintrest, and the pin is now dead so I can’t properly give the site credit. However, I’m still going to do this routine. It’s a four part series, beginning with Starter. This is where I’ll start first thing in the morning. I’ll also do one set at nights. I’ll let you all know how it goes!


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