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Say so long, Fat Girl

I should have posted this last week but it was a holiday week and I just didn’t feel like it!

Okay, so I am 29.5 years old. That’s right. As of tomorrow, I am exactly 6 months away from the big 30. There was a lot I wanted to accomplish by this date, but I got sidetracked. However, there is one thing I can still do before I turn 30: Lose 60 lbs. That is two pounds per week, with two weeks allowed for gaining or no losing (hello, Christmas!). Tough? Yes. Impossible? No.

On July 1, I began a no sugar, no yeast cleanse. It is intended to break me of my sugar addiction and kick off weight loss. In addition to this, I am exercising 30 minutes every single day. No excuses. It’s rigorous and I’m dying for something sweet, but I have already seen results. Plus I’m feeling a lot better.

Okay beginning weight on July 1: 240

I will post my new weight each month. You can also follow my Twitter account for updates and more pictures. I try to post pictures of my meals.

Here is a scary picture of me today. Say so long, Fat Girl!



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