Fell off the wagon, but getting back on!

As if I didn’t already learn my lesson by being fat!

I took a week off from my new lifestyle eating habits to celebrate with my bestie. I indulged in my favorites: fried seafood, Mexican food, pasta, and booze. (Note: This blog is nothing but candid reflection even though that last sentence depresses me!) The food was great but I am paying for it now! I am so sluggish and third. My heartburn returned. I’m bloated. I gained 4 lbs. I hate feeling like I do tonight! I must, must get back on track and to kick it off, I am doing a 21 day sugar fast again. Information for this program can be found here. The biggest lesson I learned this weekend is indulging a little bit doesn’t hurt; it’s going on a bender that makes your body feel like it has been hit by a Mack truck. I wasn’t miserable after day 1 or 2…it was after day 5 or 6 that I started hating the effects on my body.

Here is a positive picture though:


On the left (the really fat girl) was taken in March of 2013. The one on the right was taken last week!


Must keep this up!

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