Still Off the Wagon

Oi vey. I blame the bestie. Rather, I blame myself. The good news is I’ve only gained back a couple pounds (2 to be exact). But I feel like crap. I’ve noticed that introducing the bad foods back into my diet made me feel ’emotionally’ better, but I’m sluggish. I feel bloated. I don’t sleep as well. If anyone ever questions that eating right makes you feel better, I am here to say it does! I know for a fact: eating healthy makes you feel better.

With that said, I stocked up on the healthy foods. Tonight I made clean jambalaya and was it good! I’ll post the pictures and recipes another time. But it was delicious. Tomorrow, my meals involve a protein shake, a grilled chicken salad (yum) and leftover jambalaya! It also includes a workout.

School has started back and it doesn’t help that I’m stressed. I may have too much on my plate. But it’s only for a few weeks, right? Right?! 

I’ll try to blog more about my journey. It’s tough to remember to do, but I must have a little more me time in my life. Then I won’t need the junk food 🙂 

Any yoga suggestions? I’d really like to start doing yoga in the morning. Any good beginner’s sites or is YouTube the way to go?


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