Day 2 of Detox/Cleansing

Today was Day 2 of the Advocare Challenge and it was definitely harder than yesterday. Part of the reason is I was craving a cupcake! The other reason is we had some bad personal news and I got stressed. Stressed me = hungry for bad food me. However, I didn’t cave! 

Breakfast: Spark, Meal Replacement Shake

Lunch: Chipotle (I was out and about) – Burrito Bowl with Chicken, black beans, grilled veggies, lettuce, fresh salsa, and guacamole

Dinner: Pork Roast on a bed of salad, cherry tomatoes, and onions with a homemade vinaigrette and a side of asparagus.

Snack: Strawberries

Snack: Spark

Sorry I don’t have pictures today. I’ll be sure to snap some on later dates!

Anyone know of any beginner workout routines? Like…I’m couch potatoe beginner with a sore knee right now. But I want to get moving again and no longer have access to a gym. Ideas?

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One thought on “Day 2 of Detox/Cleansing

  1. You go girl! I’ve recently started advocare myself. I already feel a literal and figurative weight lifting off of my shoulders. I have been doing some intense walking/jogging. Cardio (according to my nutritionist) is the ultimate fat burner. There are tons of free apps that you can download on your phone. My favorite so far is called C25K (Couch to 5K.) And over eight weeks, it trains you for a 5K run using walking and then building to a steady pace run. It is very easy at first and is designed to progress with your fitness. It has been great for me because I literally was a couch LOVER. Best of luck to you and congratulations on you advocare decision!

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