Write It Out – Chapter 1

Twenty eight days ago, I began a journey towards happiness. In an online support group, I joined 60 other people who were unhappy with something in their life and are committed to doing things different. One of the requirements is to read certain books. The first book, The Compound Effect, is so good, I really recommend it. I’m applying certain things in my life – things like tracking my spending and reading more uplifting, fulfilling things while spending last time dealing with negative people or news online. I began the second book, Unlimited by Jillian Michaels, today. I’m going to track and work through the book online. Why? Because I want accountability. If it’s online where anyone can read, I’m much more likely to be honest. 

Chapter One is about identifying my passion. 

Work, history, education, and volunteering

I like working in a casual environment. I’m not a huge fan of the corporate world, unless the corporation is small. I like the opportunity to be recognized and the opportunity to rise in the ranks. I’m not a fan of being lost in the corporate shuffle or having my achievements taken for granted. I’m not focused enough to do a start up although I would love to. I have a hard enough time blogging! Definitely not interested manual labor. I’m kind of lazy and don’t like sweating. In college, I enjoyed doing volunteer work, but I haven’t done any since. Isn’t that sad?

Hobbies and Interests

My favorite thing to do is to relax at home. I don’t like to have a structure. I like to be able to do anything I want when I want. I enjoy blogging. I enjoy doing DIY crafts. I like spending time with my daughter. 

Aptitudes and Preferences

I like working alone. I’m better at it. I rely far too much on myself to really enjoy working in a group. I’m definitely more creative compared to scientific. But I do enjoy learning. Period. 

Values and Ethics

I’m very spiritual and enjoy discussing religion. I’m very passionate about learning. I love watching documentaries and learning as much as I can. I wanted to be a professor at one point just so I could get paid to research! 

I’m curious to see what Jillian wants us to do with these answers because nothing just jumps out at me. But I’m going to continue the book to see where it takes me. 


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