Visualizing My Dreams

“Visualization is a powerful tool used by world-class achievers across every field.” – Jillian Michaels, Unlimited

Jillian Michaels challenges her readers to visualize every detail of what they want out of their dream life. Visualizations must be specific, you have to feel it, to sense it. To get excited about the process of living an exceptional, happy life. Exercises like this are always challenging for me because I have a hard time imagining the good things. However, since I have challenged myself to be open about the entire process, I will try very hard to visualize my exceptional, happy life.

In my ultimate life, I would have the same job I have now, with the exception that I could focus more and I would have some talent in talking with clients and selling the product. My boss is phenomenal at talking to people. I would have that talent. But moreover, I would have the ability to focus and know what I need to do without being told what to do. I would have initiation that I sometimes currently lack. The house I would have would be new but relatively small. The kitchen would be open to the living room. The kitchen would have granite counters and stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms would have new, chrome fixtures. A jacuzzi style tub and a separate shower with multiple shower heads. Those are so nice! My daughter would have a swing set in the professionally landscaped back yard. A nice patio with a barbecue grill because my husband and I like to spend the weekends grilling.

That’s right, husband.

I want to get married. My current boyfriend and partner in crime has no interest. But I do. I want a family.

I’d like more friends. Couple friends. To invite over and raise our kids with. Again, my current boyfriend has no interest in my friends but I do like some of his. This could be a reality in the future.

The front lawn of my house would also be landscaped. I’d have a nice SUV – Lexus or something equivalent. Nothing too extravagant but something nice – and paid off! In my free time, I’d like to paint more. I love to paint. I just don’t have the time and may not for a few years.

That’s my dream. It’s nothing extravagant. But it’s mine.


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