21 Day Fix – Total Body Cardio Fix

I’m in the middle of my latest round of the 21 Day Fix. I’m determined to finish it, finish strong and successfully! I started on Friday, May 1, but today was the first day of the week so I did the Total Body Cardio Fix. It is no joke. Autumn works you hard. There is a round of Surrenders which I love to hate. I had to modify the second minute, but I was able to successfully complete the 1st minute with my weights. I worked up a sweat in a mere 30 minutes. My heart rate got up and I pushed myself. My daily goal is to finish. That sounds simple enough but that’s where most people quit! You have to keep going. That is the mantra I’m telling myself these days!


The best thing about the 21 Day Fix is the meal plan. You eat so much, but it’s based of of portion control. When you purchase the 21 Day Fix, you get six containers and you have to add your own teaspoon. After figuring out your calorie allotment, you can pick and choose different foods and make very filling and delicious meals! This is not a diet, but a lifestyle change!


Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Follow this blog series to see my own journey. While I don’t feel the worst I’ve ever felt, my 30s are getting to me. It’s time to start really focusing on being healthy because I have this adorable little girl that I want to watch grow up. This is just a part of my journey, but it’s the start of my fitness journey. I hope you follow me! I’m also helping others as a coach so if you want guidance and some motivation, please look me up on Facebook or on my website! I’d be happy to be your coach!


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