i have had lots of thoughts about identity this week – how we identify ourselves and how others perceive us. i am a lot of things:

a mommy
a daughter
a partner
a sister
a friend
a co-worker
a co-owner
a support system

but all of those things are the perception i am to someone else. who am i to myself? what do i identify as? one day, my daughter will be on her own. my mother will sadly pass. my fiance will hopefully be around but no guarantees there. i’ll retire. my brother may pass. if i’m lucky, i’ll always have friends. but do you get my point?

self-identity is so important. i need to figure out what my role in this great cosmic universe is for myself so i can live the best life possible. by doing so, i’ll be the best mom, daughter, partner, sister, friend, employee, and support!

a simple but complicated question: who are you?



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