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In the throes of a nasty funk.

I’ve been in a funk and I can’t shake it. The problem with me and funks is I can’t always get myself out. I dwell on it, causing a snowball effect. One day I’m just sad, then three days later, I’m contemplating my own existence. Then I feel terrible about thinking that, which sends me further into a funk. I hate it. But it is extremely hard to pull myself out of it. Perhaps if I get back to spending some time on me and focusing on this blog and the goals I want to accomplish, I’ll pull myself out.

Tonight, I indulged in a hobby. I saw something on Pinterest and decided to recreate it using map pencils. I had such a good time getting lost in the artwork. What do you guys think?

ImageThis makes me smile.

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New Year, New Try

I’ve said it before, and chances are, I will say it again. However, I’ll say it again. I’m getting back on the wagon. The Healthy Wagon. The Blogging Wagon.

101 Stars Challenge

Here are the items on my 101 Stars Challenge that I accomplished during 2012 that I did not blog about:

Create an app – December, 2013
I didn’t publish it to the App Store, but my final project in my ePublication class was an App. I was quite proud of it, and because I had such a fun time doing it, I am creating a much larger, in depth app for my final capstone project.

Create a website
I created BJ McKinney Photography in August 2013.

Host a holiday
I did all the work on Thanksgiving in 2013. It was a lot of work. But it was fun 🙂

Move into my own place
I honestly don’t know why this was still on the list as I did this back in March of 2013.

In 2014, I will focus on my health. I hope to cross all of the Health section off. I’m currently sitting at a size I am not happy with, and although I had a great start to weight loss and living healthy last year, I fell off the wagon and always found excuses to stay off. No more. New year. No excuses.

Also in 2014, I am focusing on my hobby. Did you know I like to paint? Most people don’t. Below is my first painting of 2014. My boyfriend gave me the easel and supplies for Christmas. I’m looking forward to further explore this hobby in the new year.

Welcome to the new year! I hope you all enjoy reading my posts and following my journey. 🙂

Lisa Nally art
I got the idea from a local paint and drink shop, but I did it at home.