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Does a 2 year old count?

I may have failed Day 3 of the Happiness Challenge.

Day 3 is “Reach out to someone you know and praise them.” I did not actively do this today. For some reason, I thought the challenge would be something similar to the last two days where I could come up with my answer after reflecting on the day. Day 3 is more proactive it seems. Not that it’s a problem, but I didn’t actively praise anyone today.

But I did praise my daughter. I praised her many times. Does a 2 year old count?

One of the two times that stick out in my mind is when she actually ate off her plate. She doesn’t eat very well for me. I don’t know if she’s just not hungry or if she just sees me as a playmate and won’t eat. Tonight, when I put food on the plate, I praised her very much when she ate! The other time is I told her she was beautiful. I tell her she’s beautiful every day wven when she’s fussy, kind of like she was today.

A not-so happy Brooklyn

Write down one meaningful thing that happened to you in the last 24 hours.

It’s not much, but I organized my blog yesterday and started writing down goals. It’s meaningful because I enjoyed it and it will help me grow as a human. It took me to a happy place.

Three things I am grateful for:

1. My toothbrush. I hate morning breath, so I am grateful to wake up every day and brush my teeth. I can’t do anything until I do that. It is refreshing.

2.  Air conditioning. I’m from Texas. It’s hot, and it’s only going to get hotter. I am very grateful for refuge from the heat.

3. The ability to read. This goes along with my education, but it’s more basic than that. Without the ability to read, I wouldn’t be able to learn. I wouldn’t be able to study. I wouldn’t be entertained. There are so many interesting things out there. There are so many illiterate people out there who can’t escape their mundane worlds to exciting places such as Middle Earth or Hogwarts.

I’m not very happy tonight. Some people got some laughs at my expense tonight when I wasn’t there to defend myself. It hurt because I go out of my way to help these people out. I’m actually pretty angry. But I’m not going to get even or say anything. I’ll continue to help. But it’s pretty sad when people get their kicks off making fun of others.


Happy Is As Happy Does

What is happiness?

That’s a question I find myself asking a lot, and I feel that if I have to ask, then I’m not really happy. But then I wonder why. I am actually very blessed. I have a beautiful little girl who is growing up so quickly. I have a boyfriend who loves and supports me. I really enjoy my job. I need to stop thinking of the things I don’t have and focus on what I do.

On Pinterest, I found a 30-Day Happiness Challenge by PopSugar. For the next 30 days, I will log in and document my challenge on this blog. My hope is that at the end of the 30 days, I won’t have to think about what makes me happy and I’ll just BE happy. It’s so simple, right? Being happy? It should be anyway. I feel that our society trains us to be miserable – to keep up with the Joneses and if we aren’t ahead, we are miserable. As a result, we work harder which keeps us from our family and friends, and our mental health suffers. So does our physical health. We get stressed and sick which further keeps us from being happy. It’s a vicious cycle when really we should have just been happy to begin with. I’m 30 years old. I don’t know how much time I have left on this Earth, but I don’t want to spend it miserable. It’s time to learn how to be happy. For real, this time!

Day 1.

Name three things you are grateful for when you wake up.

1. My dear sweet Brooklyn. She drives me crazy at times, but no one on Earth has ever brought me as much joy as this sweet little toddler has.

2. My education. I feel like I have been blessed to have studied the things I have and to have the ability to learn more as I live.

3. My job. My job is awesome. Enough said.

Those three things are very integral to who I am. What are you grateful for?

Crossed it off the bucket list!

Since the last time I wrote, I crossed a couple more items off my list!

On March 8, I took sweet Brooklyn to Build-A-Bear and helped her make Millie the Monkey. She was a little young to understand that we created it, but she loves it. She loves monkeys. They are possibly her favorite animal. Anyway, Texas weather ruined her birthday party, so I am glad she got a monkey to love and play with. It makes the birthday a little more special. That’s right – my little girl is 2! Where is time going??

Brooklyn and Millie the monkey!

Brooklyn and Millie the monkey!

The other thing I crossed off my list is I finally saw Taking Back Sunday with Lauren! I saw them with her on Sunday, March 16, two times! One was an acoustic, intimate performance at Cactus Music which is a cute record store in Houston. That’s right – a bonafide record store! Those are rarities these days! Later that evening, I saw a few songs at the Houston, We Have A Problem Fest. It was a great show and I had lots of fun. The best part was seeing the band with my friends. It had been a long time since Lauren and I spent any time together.

Well, folks, another two items off the list!

Also new in my world is I’m doing another challenge to lose the weight I’ve gained back. Ugh. It’s always a struggle. Always.

Monday Motivation, June 17.


This sleeping angel is who I live my life for – Little Miss Sleeping Monster 🙂

Rock Bottom

Ever had that moment where you hit rock bottom? It could be any number of things. For me, however, when it comes to my food addiction, it was this Sunday afternoon.

But it started Saturday night. Saturday night was a friend’s engagement over at The Flying Saucer. The Flying Saucer is a beer house with hundreds of rare and delicious beers on tap. Because I would be driving the majority of the evening, I limited myself to 1 flight (25 oz) and 1 pint of beer to be consumed over a few hours. I also consumed 8 Buffalo wings, bone-in, and some cheese fries topped with chives and bacon bits. Needless to say, when I left The Flying Saucer, I was full. And that’s when the heart palpitations started. For the next hour, I felt light fluttering across my chest. It was noticeable enough for me to wonder if I should go to the ER. I drank water the rest of the night, and I tried to keep my emotions and stress levels in check. I was worried, but this still was not rock bottom.

Father’s Day. Brooklyn’s dad had an issue come up so I took her to eat. Still craving Buffalo wings (why, I don’t know why), we went to Willie’s Ice House where I had an appetizer of fried pickles and mushrooms and Buffalo wings. No beer though. Straight iced tea, unsweet. But as I sat there, playing with Brooklyn, it occurred to me. If I continue to eat these kinds of food, I won’t live to see her 18th birthday. A girl I grew up with died this year of a heart attack. My own mortality is a reality. We all die, but now I have something I must do everything in my power to live for. As delicious as fried pickles are, and oh, how they are delicious, they are no comparison to the joy and love I have for my daughter.

So with that, I must eat healthy. I must find the motivation to break my own addiction. I’m addicted to food. Beer, Buffalo wings, fried pickles, pastas, candy, ice cream…it’s all so delicious. And all so deadly in mass quantities.

So back on the proverbial horse and I will do this. I will. I must!

Rock bottom is the foundation on which I built my life. – JK Rowling

Monday Motivation


This is why I continue to try.

Monday Motivation

This punk rock girl is my world,


She is my motivation.