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Crossed it off the bucket list!

Since the last time I wrote, I crossed a couple more items off my list!

On March 8, I took sweet Brooklyn to Build-A-Bear and helped her make Millie the Monkey. She was a little young to understand that we created it, but she loves it. She loves monkeys. They are possibly her favorite animal. Anyway, Texas weather ruined her birthday party, so I am glad she got a monkey to love and play with. It makes the birthday a little more special. That’s right – my little girl is 2! Where is time going??

Brooklyn and Millie the monkey!
Brooklyn and Millie the monkey!

The other thing I crossed off my list is I finally saw Taking Back Sunday with Lauren! I saw them with her on Sunday, March 16, two times! One was an acoustic, intimate performance at Cactus Music which is a cute record store in Houston. That’s right – a bonafide record store! Those are rarities these days! Later that evening, I saw a few songs at the Houston, We Have A Problem Fest. It was a great show and I had lots of fun. The best part was seeing the band with my friends. It had been a long time since Lauren and I spent any time together.

Well, folks, another two items off the list!

Also new in my world is I’m doing another challenge to lose the weight I’ve gained back. Ugh. It’s always a struggle. Always.