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Ultimate Reset – Week 1 Observations

First things first – I completed Week 1 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset! *cheers*

Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. When I began it, I had real fears about being hungry or not being able to stick to it when it came to happy hours or the weekend. I worried I wouldn’t like some of the food or I would grow tired of it. Lunch is provided at my work, so I worried that I would cave and eat whatever was brought in that day.

But I didn’t.

week1doneHere are some observations I made this past week.

  1. Food and drinking is a social event for me. I enjoy the ritual of cooking and dinner. I enjoy the nightly glass of wine (or two!) with my fianc√©. I enjoy our Bloody Marys on the weekend. I enjoy lunch with my co-workers. By focusing on eating for energy rather than the ritual, I kind of find myself a little depressed. I feel I’m depriving myself of those things rather than the food itself. Does that make sense?
  2. I actually really like clean food. Everything I ate this week, with the exception of zucchini soup, I enjoyed. I didn’t get tired of it like I feared. Even with the zucchini soup, I have decided I’m going to make it an alfredo sauce for healthier pasta once the reset is done.
  3. While I don’t have as much energy as I hoped, I feel less heavy. I don’t feel bloated. I feel sleeker and my skin looks fabulous.

My results for one week are:

Weight: -11.4 lbs
Chest: -1 in
Hips: no change
Waist: -0.5 in
Arm: – 1 in
Thigh: no change

Not bad ūüôā

Here’s to Week 2!

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Starting Again

I’m 33. It’s 334 days until I am 34. The reality of my life is it is lacking. I love my job, and it is fulfilling. But I still don’t feel like I’ve fulfilled a great purpose. I’ve been questioning it for 10 years, fluctuating between happiness and depression. But I’ve decided to put on my big girl panties and begin again. I’m not getting any younger right?

This week, I made my first step. I’ve decided that my health is my number one priority this year. Last year, I ended up in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack.¬†Officially, my diagnosis at the ER was a panic attack. Another occurrence happened when I was in NYC, though I didn’t go to the ER.¬†I just freaked out thinking I was dying alone in a hospital room. Not a good feeling. Overall, my health couldn’t have been it that terrible of shape. At my annual physical, all of my numbers were in the normal range. But still, when you have pains in your heart, and the heart begins to race, you wonder. Plus, I just ache all over. I’m out of breath at times. And my clothes no longer fit.

Because of all these reasons, I began the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. I chose this program over others because it’s step by step. They provide a book with recipes and it tells you what to eat and when. It’s a three step process: Reclaiming your body, releasing toxins from¬†the body, and restoring¬†the body’s digestive system, optimizing it. It’s not easy, but it’s not the hardest thing I’ve done. The food is easy to prepare for the most part. It’s just all about the preparation.

I’m currently on day 3. In just three days, I’ve noticed ¬†I’m already feeling more energized and my sense of smell is improved. This could just be because I’m removing junk from my diet. I’m not drinking on this reset either. And look how yummy my lunch looked:


Doesn’t that look delicious?

Has anyone else done the Ultimate Reset? Do you have any recipes that you used in place of the ones provided? How did it go?

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My quest to thrive.

Something has been weighing on my mind ever since I saw my daughter mimicking my actions.

Our kids are watching. Everything.

Now, you may be thinking, “Well, duh, I know that.” Follow me here a second. Our kids are watching. They notice when we do good habits. They notice when we do our bad habits. They repeat our actions and our words. For this reason, it’s super important to do something:

Take care of ourselves.

As I’m sitting at Starbucks, listening to The Chalene Show, she began talking about how important it is for us to take care of ourselves first. She states,

“…if I want my kids to thrive, they have to see what it means to thrive.¬†They need to see me exercise and they need to see me being happy. They need to see me in a committed, happy, loving relationship with their father. They need to see me enjoying time with my friends. They need to see me having peace when my work is done. They need to see by me role modeling that I am enough. They need to see peace so that they can have peace. They need to know that I value myself if they‚Äôre ever going to value themselves.”

This stopped me in my tracks. I asked myself immediately, “Does my daughter see me thriving?”

Sadly, the answer is no. She sees me stumbling. She sees me trying for a few days then giving up. She sees me overweight and unhappy. She sees me cry. These things are not thriving. They are the opposite, and I would never want that for her.

So here is my game plan. Here’s how I’m going to motivate myself to be someone she sees thriving.

  1. I am going to stop drinking. Period. For the foreseeable future. Drinking limits me in many ways and I’m really starting to hate the woman I am when I’ve been drinking. This is the key to the rest of the list. It’s also the hardest because my fianc√© is a drinker. I¬†am¬†committing to following The 30 Day Solution.
  2. I will continue exercising every day. If it means getting up early, I will. I will just start daily. On those days I don’t want to, I’ll go 10 minutes and that’s it. But I will start.
  3. I will continue to follow my meal plan and prep. A healthy body helps me feel better mentally. I’ve done good in this area, minus the drinking.
  4. I will do something daily that is just for me. Read a book. Take 20 minutes to meditate. Something that is just for me and my mental health. Every single day.

This is in writing now. I can’t take it back. I believe if I do these four things, I will begin to thrive and my daughter will see her mother being a strong, passionate, thriving woman. And in time, that is what my daughter will become.

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Pokemon Go.

I have caved.

I’ve never been interested in Pokemon. Being born in the early 1980s, the whole Pokemon craze happened after I was “too cool” for it. I always thought it was super lame. Until Pokemon Go. I recommend playing the game if you’re interested in fitness. Just be sure to be smart about it. Don’t go in people’s yards, don’t meet up with people you don’t know, etc. Use common sense. But GET THOSE POKEMON!

In the last 72 hours, according to my FitBit, my stats are:

I’ve walked 18.1 miles.
I’ve taken 33,975 steps.
I’ve burned 10,190 calories.
I’ve had 200 active minutes.

That is awesome – it’s so much more than I’ve been doing. I get up, I walk. I work. I pick up Brooklyn and we go hunting Pokemon. It’s just fun! I hate that it’s taken a game to get me inspired, but it is what it is. At least I’m being active! On top of this, I’ve really paid attention to my diet and really made smart choices ūüôā

My meals today:

Breakfast: Spirutein protein shake
Lunch: Minestrone with a pulled pork quesadilla (all homemade)
Dinner: Pork stir fry with veggies and quinoa


Detox drink: 2 x
Water: 72 ounces of cucumber lemon water + 16 oz of water

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. Р Joyce Meyer



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I discovered this recipe in Autumn Calabrese’s Fixate. It is absolutely amazing. It’s called Creamy Chicken Salad. Let me tell you something. I don’t like Greek Yogurt. I couldn’t eat it for the longest time, and I was skeptical of this recipe because it called for Greek Yogurt. The big secret?! I couldn’t even taste it! I modified it a bit by adding dill…a must for me in chicken salad. This is the best chicken salad I have ever eaten in my life!

Creamy Chicken Salad

3 cups chopped chicken breast (boneless, skinless)
1/2 cup chopped green apple
1/2 cup seedless red grapes, cut in half
2 green onions, sliced
1/2 cup honey mustard salad dressing (see below)
1 tsp of dill

Honey Mustard Dressing:
1/2 cup reduced fat (2%) plain greek yogurt
3T Dijon mustard, gluten-free
3T raw honey
3T rice vinegar
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
kosher salt to taste

First, make the dressing. Mix everything together, except the oil. Once it’s all mixed, slowly pour the oil in while whisking the mixture.

Next, mix all of your ingredients together in a bowl. Pour the dressing in and mix well.

The recipe yields 4 cups, and the serving size is 1 1/2 cup. You can eat it plain, put it over lettuce or put it in a whole wheat tortilla and make a delicious wrap!

Bon apetit!

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Still Fixin’ It Daily!

I apologize. I’ve been so busy with things that I haven’t had an opportunity to update.

Ready to feel like a Superhero!?


First off, I want to extend an invitation to YOU! Are you looking for a lifestyle change? Wanting to be healthier but not sure where to start? Come join my 5 Day Meal Planning and Clean Eating FREE group! Feel like a rockstar as you power through basic workouts while being provided with a meal plan, a grocery list, and accountability as we all work together. The last group lost over 175 lbs together! Don’t wait! To join, click here! Remember – your health needs to last you forever!

Back to my Fix!

Showing my guns after the Dirty 30!

I completed last week, doing the Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, and the Dirty 30. I did not, regretfully, do Yoga Fix. Out of the three, Dirty 30 was my favorite because it’s weight work. It was intense – Autumn calls it Dirty 30 for a reason! But I felt I got the most out of it. My least favorite was Pilates and that’s because it’s hard for me to work on breathing while doing the work. The C-series is awkward and I’m not sure I’m doing it right. However, you know that little burn you feel the next day after a good workout? Yeah, I felt that after Pilates. I know it worked my body hard.

I started my 3rd week today. Definitely got those Surrenders out of the way! That’s the best part about Monday…I know I don’t have to do them again for a week!

My goal this week is to up my heavy weight again. I’m using 5 lbs weights and I think I can do 8. I wasn’t as tired I thought I should have been today. Also, my arms aren’t sore. When I don’t have that ache, I feel like I didn’t push my all.

This program is absolutely amazing. I’ve lost an inch off my waist, hips, and 1.5 inches off my bust! In two weeks! I cannot recommend this plan enough.

21 Day Fix
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Get Ya Fix On!


I do. Simple fact. Are the workouts tough? Yes. Do I cuss at my TV? Hell yes, I do. Am I seeing results a week in? YES.

Upper Body Fix was tough and I felt it in my abs long after the DVD was over. But, oh, it burns so good! I don’t mind Upper Body day. It focuses solely on the arms and core. It is 2 rounds, 5 exercises a piece. My favorite workout is one where you lay on your back and do a modified lat pull over. Having dabbled with the 21 Day Fix before, I’ve always used the least amount of weight possible. Not yesterday. I worked it and used my heavier dumbbells. I pushed my limit, and although I probably didn’t burn as many calories as I would have liked, I worked hard and was sweating profusely at the end. Also, the plank series is NO JOKE. Your entire body will work. But man…today I felt like a million bucks! Why? I fit into a pair of jeans I couldn’t button a month ago!

21 Day Fix
She makes it look so easy!

Lower Body Fix is exactly what it sounds like: exercises focused solely on the lower body. Sure, your arms get a little work, but this is for the booty and the legs. Lower Body is 4 rounds, 2 exercises a piece. My favorite workout in this one is probably standing on my toes (works the calf muscles). Autumn does something tricky during Lower Body.¬†She makes you hold the position for the last 10 seconds. She does this on Calf Raises, Sumo Squats and Split Squats. Talk about burning! Those 10 seconds are intense, but sure, you can do anything for 10 seconds…if you scream at the screen enough.

21 Day Fix
This was my day in one photo!

My meals the last two days have been yummy. For Cinco De Mayo, I made homemade ground turkey tacos, rice, and homemade tortilla chips (1 red, 3 yellow, 1 teaspoon, 2 green, 1 blue). I had leftovers tonight. They were loaded with taste and filling! I’ll post to recipe soon! My problem with this meal plan isn’t that I can’t eat something; it’s that I have to keep eating. I feel so full! I’ve never had a program give me that! But it makes sense and here’s why. We have fed our body junk for so long that we are all malnourished. We lack what we really need. Because¬†junk food is so calorie heavy, however, we are so used to watching that magical number and worrying about it. To get what we really need to make our bodies as efficient as possible, we have to eat. We need lots of veggies, fruit, meats, carbs, and oils! When you really figure it how much it is, it’s a lot because foods, such as veggies,¬†are so low in calories but are so filling because of all the fiber. Dieting doesn’t work because of this very reason! You can’t heavily restrict calorie intake and expect to have your body fully nourished! You just can’t! You have to eat. But the key is you have to eat the right foods! So enjoy those 1500-2000¬†calories, just make sure they are the right KIND of calories. Your body needs fuel and this program shows you how to do it!

Are you ready to begin a new lifestyle? Interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix? Contact me! I’d love to help you start your journey!