Reflections of Day 2

Day 2 was hard but I didn’t feel committed. I ended up eating out at lunch because I was running errands. I made the usual excuse: I’m out anyway, may as well eat. Aside from that, today was pretty successful. I got my water in – 112 oz baby! Water with lemon is delicious by the way. I recommend it! On a plus side, I walked 2 miles tonight! Got my fitness minutes in and I have some time to get the rest of my steps in. Woot!

Dinner was a new recipe – pulled pork tacos with slaw.


For the pork:
2.5 lbs of pork
2 Tbsp of HEB Hickory Seasoning
A jar of Robert’s Reserve BBQ sauce (next time, I’m using Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce)
Onion, chopped

For the taco:
Tortillas, fajita size
Red onion, chopped

For the slaw:
1 cup HEB Chopped Ranch Salad
1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 white vinegar
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of ranch seasoning


Get out the slow cooker – this is super easy! First, chop your onion and put it in the crock pot. Put your pork in. Top it with hickory seasoning. Dump the BBQ sauce in. Cook on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 8-9. I did low.

About 2 hours before it’s done, make your slaw. Mix the mayonnaise, sugar, pepper, ranch and vinegar in a blender or Magic Bullet. In a bowl, mix the chopped salad with the mixture. Chill until ready to serve

Once the meat is ready, pop the tortillas in the oven for a minute to warm them. Build the taco by putting the onion on, the pulled pork and top it off with the slaw. Bon appetite!



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I discovered this recipe in Autumn Calabrese’s Fixate. It is absolutely amazing. It’s called Creamy Chicken Salad. Let me tell you something. I don’t like Greek Yogurt. I couldn’t eat it for the longest time, and I was skeptical of this recipe because it called for Greek Yogurt. The big secret?! I couldn’t even taste it! I modified it a bit by adding dill…a must for me in chicken salad. This is the best chicken salad I have ever eaten in my life!

Creamy Chicken Salad

3 cups chopped chicken breast (boneless, skinless)
1/2 cup chopped green apple
1/2 cup seedless red grapes, cut in half
2 green onions, sliced
1/2 cup honey mustard salad dressing (see below)
1 tsp of dill

Honey Mustard Dressing:
1/2 cup reduced fat (2%) plain greek yogurt
3T Dijon mustard, gluten-free
3T raw honey
3T rice vinegar
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
kosher salt to taste

First, make the dressing. Mix everything together, except the oil. Once it’s all mixed, slowly pour the oil in while whisking the mixture.

Next, mix all of your ingredients together in a bowl. Pour the dressing in and mix well.

The recipe yields 4 cups, and the serving size is 1 1/2 cup. You can eat it plain, put it over lettuce or put it in a whole wheat tortilla and make a delicious wrap!

Bon apetit!

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Cucumber and Tomato Salad

I have to share with you a secret: my favorite new go-to healthy meal. Cucumber and tomato salad!



1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. balsamic vinegar
2 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. EEVO
1/2 cucumber, halved lengthwise
1/2 c cherry tomatoes, halved
1 Tbsp chopped red onion
1 Tbsp feta cheese
1 Tbsp fresh parsley
1 Tbsp chopped basil leaves
1 dash Himalyan or kosher salt


1. Combine apple cider and balsamic vinegars, lemon juice, and oil in a small bowl. Mix well. Set aside.
2. Combine cucumber, tomatoes, feta, onion, parsley, basil, salt in a mixing bowl
3. Drizzle dressing over cucumber mixture and toss.

It’s so light and yummy – the perfect summertime meal!

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Avocado Chicken Salad Wraps


Doesn’t those look absolutely delish? These are avocado chicken salad lettuce wraps. Inspired by a paleo recipe I found online, I decided to try this because I love chicken salad. However, being on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, I can’t have mayo OR greek yogurt so the idea of having chicken or tuna salad was a dream. Then I found this recipe from Salted Paleo. I took it, modified it, and would love to share it with you.


1 cup shredded rotisserie chicken (white meat)
1 avocado
1 lime
1/2 chopped white onion
1 tbsp of yellow mustard
1 tsp minced garlic
dash of salt and pepper to taste (sea salt)
Romaine lettuce

This is the easy part. Just mix it all together and put it on a leaf of romaine then enjoy. It’s so easy and it’s amazing. I may never go back to mayo chicken salad again!

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Yummy Shrimp Étouffée

Hi everyone! I am in the midst of a sugar-free and mostly yeast-free cleanse this month but I have to admit, I am getting tired of chicken, eggs, and broccoli. So I decided to ask some friends who had previously done the program. Found in the Hotze Optimal Eating Program was a little gem: Crawfish Étouffée. Since it isn’t crawfish season anymore, I modified the meal to Shrimp Étouffée.


1-2 lbs of shrimp
1/2 c olive oil
2 onions, chopped
1 pepper, chopped
2 ribs celery, chopped
1 clove garlic
2 cans tomato purée or sauce
1 can Rotel tomatoes
2 dried bay leaves
3 cups of water
1/2 green onion tops
1 Tbsp. flaxseed
2 Tbsp. parsley
Salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste
Paprika or cayenne to taste (optional)

1. Heat oil in a large pot or Dutch oven. Add chopped onions, bell pepper, celery, and garlic. Sauté until onions are clear and vegetables are turning a light brown.

2. Add flaxseed and stir.

3. Add tomato purée, Rotel, bay leaves and water. Add salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste. Cook over low heat for 2 hours, stirring often to keep from sticking.

4. Add shrimp, green onions, and parsley. Cook for another 30 minutes.

I ate it straight but a close friend wanted rice (he is not on the diet) so I cooked brown rice for him and served it over brown rice. It was so yummy!

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Turkey patties and work out routines

In terms of my healthy habits, I was in more control today. I had a very healthy dinner. I made turkey patties and homemade fries. I marinated the turkey patties in Worcestershire sauce and pepper and garlic powder. It made the turkey juicy and very tasty. It didn’t even taste like turkey! I put grilled onions (sauteed in water, not butter) on it and a dash of pepper. They were ah-may-zing. I just wish I had taken a picture. My homemade fries were made from a Russet potato. I thinly sliced the potato and seasoned it with pepper and garlic powder. No salt. Setting the oven to 400 degrees, I covered the cookie sheet in olive oil and baked the potatoes. They were so good! They came out perfect!

ImageTo go along with this, I had steamed veggies. Brooklyn promptly through her plate to the ground. She’s a character, let me tell you.

Part two of my new health initiative is this work out. I pinned this picture a while back on my Pintrest, and the pin is now dead so I can’t properly give the site credit. However, I’m still going to do this routine. It’s a four part series, beginning with Starter. This is where I’ll start first thing in the morning. I’ll also do one set at nights. I’ll let you all know how it goes!