It’s about Life

I am so sore.  My exercise schedule is great but I’m in some pain today.  However will I do 50 push-ups when I’m already insanely sore?   

This weekend was good.  Friday I went to Firebowl with Jessica, Beth, and Andy.  That was fun and food was good, as usual.  Then Jess and I went to Wallyworld where I spent way too much money on stuff.  A lot of it I needed though.  Like an umbrella.  But five bucks says that it doesn’t rain a drop anymore this year.  You guys can thank me.    Then it was out to ADE with the girls, which was fun.  Good times.  Good times.   .

Then Saturday, I attempted to go to capture the flag but it was nasty weather.  I was sad.  I like capture the flag.  I then went to Starbucks (yum!) and called Leah.  Leah’s sister graduated from basics this weekend!  Congratulations, Allison!  And it was so good to see people from Deer Park, though it did make me homesick.  Anyway, Leah spent the night and we just hung out in the dorm, watching movies.  It was fun, catching up and all that.  Then Sunday, I went with her to go see Allison and that was really great to see her.  She’s accomplished so much.  Then I came back here to do my homework and study some. 

Overall, the weekend was alright.  It just seemed very long, but I didn’t get a lot accomplished.  Hm.  Oh well.  I’ve got my first trip to SCB tonight, and I’m really nervous about it.  I hope it goes fairly.  It can’t go well, but I hope that things are fair. I need more time.  There just isn’t enough time.

Everything between.

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  1. Sissy, you need to beef up and become a real Texan!  Texans feel no pain. 
    Ok, Texan moment there.  I miss my state.

  2. Isis7070 says:

    me too! [i miss my state is what that is in relation to just in case you were wondering] good luck at scb and make sure everyone who’s got a b-day this weekend goes in the fountain, including dk!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You shouldn’t be nervous about the SCB you should be jubilant, we rock…cept for badders.

  4. hey I had alot of fun with you and catching up I miss you already I wanna come see you when is good for you? Maybe then we could hang out with my sister as well well i love ya and hope you are well

  5. You and Badders need to make nice, DK. 

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